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What is TolaData?

TolaData is a monitoring and project management platform that simplifies the way you manage and track your projects.

Here's is a quick introduction of the platform:

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TolaData = Activity + Track


Activity is TolaData’s project management toolkit, which comprises of a collection of data forms, reports and visualizations designed to track results of your programs and projects.

Standardization alongside adaptability

A standard set of forms is available to capture the full data lifecycle of a program, integrating tools like log frame and work-breakdown structures. Each stage of a project is tracked on Activity dashboards, allowing managers and staff to see progress at a glance. Primary forms are supplemented by flexible monitoring forms like training attendance or beneficiary registration.

Transparency through traceable results

The Indicator tracking tool creates indicators at activity, output, outcome, and goal level for each program. Progress against each indicator is documented through data sets from digital data collection tools or a consolidator like Track. Hence, the system provides the ability to trace evidence-base, view targets vs. actuals, and analyze cost-benefit/value for money.

Modular approach to management

Each program activity can be linked to a multitude of connecting modules including budget management, procurement, staffing, stakeholder management, and geo-location tracking. This allows for data linking and reporting across different regions, programs, and activities.


Track is TolaData’s database management toolkit, which enables you to easily consolidate multiple data sources for timely analysis.

Digital data collection

Our digital data collection application has an integrated form builder. Combined with a standardized form library, it ensures that the exact data collection tool is available for every project.

Data analysis

Track can integrate data from multiple platforms and provide merge/append, auto-export, data cleaning, editing, sharing and analysis features. This allows users to collate multiple data silos into one while maintaining the data stream.

Data integration

Track directly integrates with mobile data collection platforms such as Ona or KoBoToolbox to provide users with access to all of their forms and data for import and management. Data can be easily exported to other data platforms or tools, into Google Sheets or downloaded as any number of file types including CSV or XLS.

Open data

All data throughout our platform is readily accessible and easily shareable in a public repository or privately with other users.

Why TolaData?

Connect all your data together: Put an end to unrelated data collection tools and data silos and enjoy streamlined information sharing and retention.

Make decisions based on real-time data: No more wasting time collecting and wrangling data when you could be analyzing and learning from it.

Transparent and flexible architecture: Our platform meets your needs with comprehensive access to data at all levels and seamless integration to third-party systems.

State-of-the-art technology: Applying the latest from the tech industry to human-centered design concepts to create easy-to-use tools.

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